Ramon Romero began making fresh hand made paletas from a small ice cream shop in Huntington Park, CA, in 1979, in the traditional flavors carried over from Mexico. With the help from his business partner, they would make up to 1000 paletas a day. Ramon’s desire to provide customers with great-tasting Mexican treats, quickly earned him a reputation for making some of the best tasting paletas, eventually expanding to a larger location in East Los Angeles. With demand continuing to grow during the early 80s, Ramon opened a second location in Los Angeles, which is now our main flagship store. Here we offer so much more than just paletas/fruit bars, as a licensed manufacturer, we also make our own ice cream from scratch, using only the best ingredients. Today, Ramon and his family and staff continue to make our products in the same authentic way, so that our customers can truly experience a piece of paradise.

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